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1. Panorama Athens (Greece)

2. Temple mountain Jerusalem (Israel)

3. Saalbach (Austria)

4. Feuerkogel (Austria)

5. Beach TelAviv (Israel)

6. Fff in Athens (Greece)

7 Rocky beach Kao Lak (Thailand)

8. Harbor Rovinj (Croatia)

9. Lonely tree Sahara (Egypt)

10. Sunset Varadero (Cuba)

11. Feuerkogel (Austria)

12. Beach in Varadero (Cuba)

13. Windmill Nesebar (Bulgaria)

14. Old boat in Old Jaffar (Israel)

15. Harbor in Supetar, Brac (Croatia=


Sometimes you need to be independent of natural light and weather conditions. Therefore, you need to be able to create the perfect setup of your own in a closed up environment. With professional studio equipment, a bit of imagination and portion of patience this is not a big problem. 

Only when it comes down to working with kids, or animals (and even more difficult - with both of them together) you really need big skills and another ingredient called „luck“. 

In this section you find some examples of rainy days and my inside work. For my first approaches most of the time my family had to suffer long hours of repetitive attempts to create a bearable result. Only after sufficient trial & error the photos became better and better. This was the point when I realized that working with artificial light is not that easy.


City Life

Taking pictures outside makes you (almost) fully dependent on local light and weather conditions. Sure you can help yourself with a flashlight, but I will be difficult to move the sun, or stop rain. Therefore, it is only one step to find the image, but it is a totally different decision on when and how to capture it.  

For example: in the Nightlife section above you can see the skyline of the business district in Dubai during the night. I also took the very same picture during the day (below) - see the difference?

Usually the best times, when taking photographs during the day, is either in the morning, or in the evening just before dawn. It presents landscapes in very warm light and colors tend to appear much more intense.

Pictures from left to right:

1. Skyline Dubai (UAE) 

2. Barmaid in Sofia (Bulgaria)

3. Wall in Thessaloniki (Greece)

4. Cycler in TelAviv (Israel)

5. Hotel lobby in Dubai (UAE)

6. Market in Athens (Greece)

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